The Reyes computers were not tampered

As expected, Interpol certified that the computers taken at the Reyes camp had not been tampered with. Note: that does not mean that the info in the Reyes computer is proof enough of Chavez collusion with the FARC, it ONLY means that whatever evidence comes out of that computer is not something made up by the Colombian secret service. Not that it matters much anyway, we all know of the close ties between the terrorists FARC and Chavez and the Reyes laptop is just icing on the cake.

The response of Chavez? He calls a press conference where he spends the best part of his time in bad jokes and bad puns on the Interpol spokesman, officer Noble: Noble-ignoble (I will spare you the rest).

Now, of course this assumes that I am watching a press conference. I arrived home and turned on the TV at Globovision. Well, they are passing the "press conference" in full. I arrived, got comfortable, made myself a cup of tea, toasted one after the other two pieces of bread with cheese, ate them, turned on the computer, and Chavez is still answering the question he was already answering when I stepped in. This not a press conference, it is a convocation by Chavez of the foreign press corps to listen to his side of the story. Period. But he must be somewhat embarrassed because he is not doing it in "cadena".

Now, I will propose a thought experiment.

Imagine that you are notified that your chat pal computer has been taken into custody by the police and that files about you are going to be made public from his computer. Apparently with that chat buddy you discussed and exchanged enough files that it will be said of you that you cheated on your wife with another married woman, that in addition you were a regular at a given gay bar, that you embezzled your boss by about 60K dollars while also selling some of the business secrets to the competition for about 200K. And to make it more palatable there are possible evidences of your contacts with your local pusher and some bookie of ill repute.

Now, there are two possible scenarios.

1) It is not true. You go to the police department, you declare your innocence and you demand that your lawyer witness any legal expertise. In addition you give evidence that your chat pal is full of problems and is making all that up for money or something. Note, you do not just say such things of your chat pal, you sustain why your chat pal is in trouble and must resort to such practices with files on your own. And you go next to your boss and demand a full account of any transaction that involved your person, open all your financial accounts for scrutiny and even ask your local tax agency to audit you for any possible unexplainable gain.

2) It is true. You have two options: you either leave the country ASAP if you can or if you cannot leave, you deny everything and lock yourself up at home waiting for the best. In this second option you also try to get a trial lawyer and you pull any string you have to make TV or radio appearances where you cry and pose as a victim thinking that at least, if you are taken to court you will be able to plead insanity or something to get a reduced sentence by creating sympathy for you.

According to you, which is the scenario that best applies to Chavez antics this week?

I rest my case...

-The end-