Two painful items

It looks like the pen drives and lap tops taken from the Reyes bombed camp contained real documents after all. Apparently Interpol is going to confirm any time soon that no tampering was done with these electronic files. The Wall Street Journal carries a damning summary of what was contained in there. You know what is about to hit the fan. The show is about to begin, take your seats.

Is Lula to Chavez what Thabo Mbeki is to Mugabe? Enablers of the world unite!

PS: thoughtful reader JVR sends me a link on how a hard drive from the Columbia disaster of 2003 was recovered with all its data. Obviously if a hard drive can survive a Shuttle crash, why not survive a jungle bombing? Oh, this is going to be so much fun!!!!!!

PS2: another paper, IBD, gets very clearly the WSJ message.

-The end-