Exits Zidane, enters Benzema

And so it is time again for my biannual soccer/football break, this time the Eurocup 2008 to be played in Austria and Switzerland. This is the true football event. The World cup is nice and all but let's face it, outside of Europe there is only Argentina and Brazil worth following. The other ones are growing but there is no hope for an African team to make it to the final in two years.

My beloved Bleus return without Zidane and the bald guy at the net. Quite a change! Now the new stars are Benzema (picture) and Ribery who are still surrounded by the experience of Henry and Thuram. The current coach, Domenech has lost about 10% of his games only and France is credited once again with the best defense of Europe. I should be happy, no? but I am nervous: the French group is straight from hell, putting together Italy, the World Cup current champions and the "bĂȘte noire" of the French, the Netherlands, always a favorite to reach one of the last 4 berths and Romania as a spoiler. In addition France and Italy will square at the end of that group round robin, offering us too early what should have been the final game of the tournament. Too much pressure!

Anyway, for the next month I will forget some about Venezuela and will have busy and emotional week ends, but good busy and good emotional (the time difference gives me lunch and siesta games, perfect!).

-The end-