The FARC files, Cuban bloggers, a Super Nova and Yves Saint Laurent

Interesting press review this morning.

Maria Anastasia O'Grady peruses old computer files.

The WSJ through the pen of Maria Anastasia O'Gady starts going deeper into the Reyes Laptop files. that is, beyond the infamous first page attention grabbing pages, she starts looking at what all these files actually mean, what they do reflect about the long terms goal of the FARC. Her major conclusion of interest for readers of this blog is that indeed Chavez is deeply involved in sustaining the FARC sagging fortunes and deeply committed to overthrow the Colombian government. No surprise here, but now we red it in a cold and dispassionate article that ends with this perfect line:
In other words, there is no peace agenda. Only plans for a circus designed to undermine Colombia's democracy. The rest of the region's governments ought to worry about who is next.
Now, if we had in Venezuela a truly brave press, such article should be immediately translated and published front page to challenge the new fascist "patriot" law Venezuelan style. We'll see.

Alek Boyd returns from a Cuban not-vacation

Alek Boyd of Vcrisis fame is successfully reinventing himself. Last time we heard of him he had left London for sunny Spain while silly PSF working for "red" Ken, the infamous London mayor and Chavez agent would have liked us to believe that Alek was running away, scared by them on some judicial pretense. Amen of the failure of Red Ken to recover his seat in London which means that many of these sycophants such as Calvin Tucker are out of a subsidy and will need to find new ways to make a honest living. And to add insult to injury on these people, we see that Alek is coming back strong. He has understood one thing, that Vcrisis did go as far it could go in its anti Chavez crusade and that after the closing of RCTV and the FARC debacle he has little to say anymore: the whole world knows the truth on Chavez and Alek helped a lot. As far as Alek was concerned his job was done and he needed to explore new horizons. Thus Alek is becoming some sort of international human rights agent. His latest mission brings him to Cuba from where he brought us an interview with noted and award recipient Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez.

It seems that Alek has a future whereas the PSF sycophants do not not. Then again we all knew where the creative forces have all been all the time.

Yves Saint-Laurent is dead

After a long illness Yves Saint Laurent died this week end at 71. This might be weird for readers to read coming from me, but I was raised during the high years of Yves Saint Laurent and of all the "couture" folks he is the only one that I sort of followed through the years, not to mention that I often use Opium for men. Besides, I cannot always write about Venezuela and Chavez, no?

A Super Nova for you

It is unfortunately too rare that a scientific event makes it to the editorial section of a newspaper. Today we are in luck as the New York Times tells us about the first Supernova caught live, and the scientist that I am is elated, no better way to start a week for me than a good science report. So finally we see the hard proof of what all scientists knew long ago. It is nice and it is once again an illustration on how science works (and what a cooperative effort it is in the end as there are 42 names associated with the published Nature article). I wonder what creationists and other intelligent design folks are going to do with that information. Probably the same as PSF do: duck their head under the sand. Because PSF are like these creationist: we keep feeding them all the information on how the economic policies of Chavez will fail in the long run, on why he is just a terrorist, and yet, faced with FARC files and a rampant inflation they still come up with faith arguments. Birds of a feather.

-The end-