Sunday Video: Jaime Bayly does Ingrid and Mario

Alek Boyd pointed in the comments this presentation of Jaime Bayly, noted Peruvian author and TV personality. The three videos in Noticias 24 are not to be missed if you understand Spanish: not only will you get many a laugh at Bayly illustrating the discomfiture of the pro Chavez anti Uribe camp, but you will see many of the chavista sycophants that Bayly punctures effortlessly. A great half an hour.

By the way: according to current media laws the program of Bayly could not make it to Venezuelan TV, perhaps not even after 11 PM, just to indicate to you how self censorship is taking us. In other words, Mario Silva is unattainable in Venezuela and when people refer to him they rarely if ever mention his name of his talk show name, preferring to allude to him. That Mario Silva of La Hojilla has no such scruples as he can calumniate whomever he wants knowing full well that he is out of reach. I wonder though if he will reply to Bayly. If he does so he will of course disqualify him as a bisexual. -The end-