My electoral prediction variometer is ready!

But I will not make it freely available, you will need to write me to get the Excel sheet if you want.

The reasons are simple:

It is a very simplified version of my more complex sheet

I never intended to build one, but eventually it built itself out of need

I do not want to appear competing with other sheets that I never tried anyway because I did not want to be influenced by anything.  I do not know whether other models are good or bad as I have not tried a single one of them, too busy coming up with my own one :)

I did it all on my own so I get full blame or full glory, but I do not have the need to make it a public display either way.

Then again if one of you wants to make it freely available be my guest.

In other words it is a tool to use among friends and post here whatever results you get, or comments you have.