Spotting crime, offering new solutions

From Miranda to the space to Miranda back again
The government of Miranda, in the hand of the alternative forces, is carrying out a new project to improve security in the area.

What they are doing now is basically this: their cops identify with GPS devices the location and further details about any new crime in Miranda state; the information is then digitally classified and visualized in the Miranda police centre; specialists then try to find out patterns to see how to best use police forces and prevention mechanisms in the most optimal way. This is not rocket science, but it is making good use of technologies already available.

I just hope the Chávez regime does not intervene with this new initiative. Chávez always tries to sabotage anything the alternative forces do, no matter how this affects Venezuelans. 

Let's hope the Miranda government works together with the best mathematicians, sociologists and criminologists from such places as the Universidad Central de Venezuela and Universidad Simón Bolívar in order to really make the best use of the data for crime prevention. The best would be if they then share their knowledge with the national government, even if the national government is still what we have now.

Do you know what the national police does right now? The CICPC has a big map -the old way- and colour pins a few cops use to try to track what crimes are commited where. It is time for them to catch up with the times. Venezuela has the highest murder rate of South America and criminals are using modern technology.

The approach used by Miranda should be further considered and improved upon.