April 11' 9th anniversary

I really don't know what to say about this. I wrote about it before, way before when I started blogging. I don't know if I should edit those memories or not, having in store what I knew back in 2007, five years after the coup and what I do know now. But do K now much? No. It was a very blurry, confusing day. It all started with a demonstration. Just a demonstration, some people gathered at a square, it wasn't supposed to be a march. But then it turned into a march. And we marched. I was 17, with my mom. I was wearing a halter turquoise top and I remember I looked quite pretty. And while walking I was thinking pretty much that: things were complicated in the country, we were marching to trow down a president and go back the way we were and I looked pretty. The day was bright and I got a creepy "portuguese" tan in my shoulders and my chest...

Then what I told you before happened. To this date, no one from the government has been found guilty. But this happened. This really did. I have told this before and will do it again. Someday they will have to give an explanation to this country for what they did. I'm longing to hear it.

In the meantime, as I fall sleep ending another day of my odd routine, I think about those who are now remembering the 9th anniversary of the loss of their loved ones. And I'm so, so sorry for them. Nothing could ever repair their pain.