Paying for a little bit of self promotion

Not me, Eva Golinger. Since the article is in French I will oblige and give you the fun parts below.

The best excuse I can find is that she did not like as much as she thought she would the NYT report of Simon Romero. So she did what any "femme forte" would do, hire a pen to write an heroic report on her life. Choice excerpts:

-"promise à une brillante carrière d’avocate" promising a brilliant legal career. Alek Boyd has long ago told us that she was a small time pseudo lawyer who went to try her luck in Venezuela...... (care to send the links Alek?)

- "Je ne pouvais pas me taire, j’ai senti l’obligation de transmettre ces preuves à Chávez" I could not remain silent, I felt obliged to pass this evidence to Chavez. A little bit of delirium here, forgetting herself that she got through Chavez after working for the Venezuelan embassy propaganda section.... but like Chavez, she is not above rewriting the epic of her life.

- I will pass on the delightful moments she spent with Ahmadinejerk, Lukashit and the murderer of Tripoli which prove that she is even more of a dingbat than I thought she was already.

- "Je ressens un instinct de protection envers le Venezuela, ce pays a été attaqué pendant des siècles" I feel a protection instinct toward Venezuela, a country which has been attacked through centuries. Has the bimbo ever read a real book on Venezuelan history? Is she aware that Venezuela is the lone country in the continent that did not participate in any world war or major regional conflict, was never invaded after its independence and had only to suffer a provisional harbor blockade because it did not pay its debt to so many countries that in a rare allaiance of colonial powers they all got togehter to force payment from Venezuela. And,by the way, it was the US that saved Venezuela from the worst then....  Whatever damage Venezuela suffered (the loss of territory) was due to its caudillos more interested in robbing the state coffers than protecting the country, EXACTLY what is happening to day as Venezuela under Chavez gave up on its Guyana claim and is about to lose Los Monjes to Colombia......

- "Il ne sait pas dire non: les gens lui demandent une maison, il la leur donne" [Chavez] does not know how to say No: people ask him a house and he gives it to them. That one leaves me speechless. That woman has gotta be on crack.

And the interviewer kindly reveals to us that some "muse" (bitch?) in France has bought movie rights from her life.

People like Golinger, if they did not exist already we could not make them up....

[Hat tip MS]