Portrait of a cynical fascist: Eugenia Sader

Yesterday something quite extraordinary happened: one of Chavez ministers revealed to which extent the moral decomposition of the higher echelons of the regime has come.  Namely, Eugenia Sader, the health minister, also issued from the highly immoral ranks of the Venezuelan army, and thus a true witness of the inhumanity and corruption now existing int eh Venezuelan armed forces.

The point comes during a press conference as she is asking to comment about the nurses of Venezuela who have been protesting for a month, on hunger strikes and sewn mouthes because, gasp, they want to make more than minimum wage, and re-gasp, they want the regime to fulfill the promises it made them and which were never fulfilled.  But the regime is not willing to pay its dues and since it has no money, indentured public servants are becoming the norm.

You do not need to understand the video below, just watch the face, the grimace of Sader as she says that she cannot lower herself to comment on people demanding their rights.  That is the portrait of a fascist, and cynical one if you forgive me the intended redundancy.