Spaniards in Venezuela

EFE says Venezuela is one of the countries with the largest amount of Spanish citizens in the world: some 173456 registered Spaniards. According to the report in the American continent only Argentina has more Spaniards. I suspect the actual number is higher as many Spanish citizens don't bother to register. And I am sure the number was much much much higher a decade ago: since the Boliburguesía rules Venezuela, since the expropiations have skyrocketed and since the murder rate has more than tripled, Spanish citizens and their children have left Venezuela in droves. Many of my school friends whose parents fled from Franco Spain to Venezuela decided to migrate to their parents' homeland in the last few years. This is a tragedy as many of them contributed greatly to the development of Venezuela and many of them are highly skilled. When I mentioned this to some hard-core Chávez supporters they have just replied: "que se vayan, no los necesitamos" (may they go, we don't need them). 

Chávez is obsessed with our native American and African least he pretends to be (never mind he hasn't granded them the land rights they want, among other things). He does not seem to recognise Venezuelans' background is as much Spanish as anything else.

I hope one day those Spanish Venezuelans who are in Spain will have reasons to go back.