Terrorist you, you, you you

The Venezuelan ambassador in Belarus (in Belarussian here) condemned the terrorist attacks in Minsk on the 14.4.11. That's correct, who would not? Now: who did it?

Comrade Américo Díaz Núñez said the following: when I first went to Belarus...everybody told me I was going to the most peaceful and stable country in the world. It is obvious such action...are aimed at destabilizing the situation of the country".

Wao...that's how insightful a pro-Chávez mind can be. What else are terrorist acts aimed at? The question would be: who did it? Who benefits the most? I frankly don't know. Was it a group who is against Lukashenko? Or was it the Belorussian KGB or someone next to them? Let's see.  Then came the pearl: Mr Díaz said "the West" is carrying out media terrorism by letting the news about the terrorist attack in Minsk be so short and disappear so soon.

I wonder: what is the Chávez military regime doing by supporting the Gaddafi regime until now and by completely silencing any information about the hundred of people murdered by the Syrian regime in the last weeks? If you speak Spanish, you can browse through the kind of news the Venezolana de Televisión has on Syria.

Detail on the side: a decent diplomat should know Belarus was indeed stable and relatively peaceful - the murder rate is higher than in Western Europe but it is definitely much much much lower than in Venezuela. He should not be told that. It seems he need people to tell him that when he was going there years earlier. 
Second detail on the side: in this Spanish article you can read some rumblings from that ambassador about Colombia. The only thing I wanted to call your attention to is the last sentence:

"May Bolívar enlighten us to get out of this labyrinth created by the imperialist government of Mr Bush!"

The sentence is as kitsch as it can be. Caudillo Bolívar is definitely a God for these people and they will act as irrationaly as anyone who is into a cult, never mind what Bolívar would have said or not about it.