Osama bin Laden: better dead than tried

As to be expected there are many voices raising, from the downright silly that Osama bin Laden's rights were not read to him, to the "we killed him too soon, before we had a chance to get some intelligence out of him".  You are all wrong, ALL of you that do not approve what Obama's team did this Sunday.  And you, chavistas, even more so but this post is not for you, you are way too idiotic in your bad faith to understand what I am writing next.

With Osama we are not dealing with your average mass murderer, of the type that blasts his way through a campus and kills a dozen coeds.  This is another dimension altogether and any mooring points must be looked for in the the Gulag, Auschwitz, Cambodia's fields and the like.  And because Osama imbued his crimes under the crusading spirit of the jihad, if we may link these two words together,  he ranks into a category by himself, complicating even more whatever could be done about him were we to have captured him earlier.

By ordering Osama to be killed and disposed off President Obama did the right thing, the only thing that at this point could be done.  Let's not be fooled: the orders were not to capture Osama, they were to kill him unless the man would surrender peacefully which could have been an indication of wanting to deal with the US.  Had he wanted ever to deal with the West Osama has had plenty of opportunities to do so since September 11.  He did not, he put even more bombs.  He had to been killed because capturing him would have only made matters worse, infinitely worse.

Can you imagine what the trial of Osama would have been like?  The years to reach such a trial?  The innumerable bombs, kidnappings, riots and what not that would precede it to try to gain his freedom?  Simply put, it would have been such a fodder for further terrorism that it was better for the West to kill the psychopath once and for all and face the ensuing serenade.

The argument of intelligence is almost as quickly dispatched: what intelligence, what operative were left to an Osama in hiding inside a comfortable Pakistan compound since 2005 where he was too afraid to even have a land line and Internet.....  Al Qaeda became a franchise quickly after the allies entered Afghanistan.  Besides being a guiding light Osama had long ceased to be the main organizer.  True, had we gotten him and be willing to torture or hypnotize him or something we could have got some names and maybe avoid a bombing or two.  And how many reprisal bombings would have we avoided in exchange?

As for the body thrown at sea.  Bravo!  Or did people wanted to create a shrine to Osama in some remote cemetery where the family of the victims would try to go an piss on it while Al Qaeda would transform the joint in a pilgrim destination to the new Islamist saint?  And bravo also to Obama refusing to release the pictures of the dead body.  No conspiracy theory to look into here, just plain common sense.  Eventually they will be "leaked" some day, on purpose, when convenient.  But right now it would have served no worthwhile objective.

So yes, please, stop bitching about Osama's rights because the bitching you do for Osama reflects only the anti US inner you.  Democracies have also the right to defend themselves, and this was a war.  What were you doing to fight Al Qaeda on your own?  Where was your unambiguous condemnation of September 11?  Do you expect the West to always have to apologize for your own weakness?  Do you really, really thing that sitting down with Osama and talkign to him would have helped mend things?  Because if you truly think so then you are a nincompoop.