Venezuela Asked Colombian Rebels to Kill Opposition Figures, Analysis Shows

It is not me saying this, it is the New York Times under the pen of Simon Romero.  Remember the famous computers of Raul Reyes (and others taken since)?
The documents are part of a 240-page book on the rebel group, “The FARC Files: Venezuela, Ecuador and the Secret Archive of Raúl Reyes,” to be published Tuesday by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. While some of the documents have been quoted and cited previously, the release of a CD accompanying the book will be the first time such a large number of the documents have been made public since they were first seized.
And this one for the annals of Paranoia:

Venezuela’s government viewed the FARC as “an ally that would keep U.S. and Colombian military strength in the region tied down in counterinsurgency, helping to reduce perceived threats against Venezuela,” the book said.
And this one for the annals of deadbeats united:
Such betrayals [to the FARC], as well as unfulfilled promises of large sums of money, generated considerable tension among the rebels over their relationship with Mr. Chávez.
And to close, this one on whose worse, the FARC of the chavista thugs hiring them:
A member of the FARC’s secretariat, [...] Mono Jojoy, once called Mr. Chávez a “deceitful and divisive president who lacked the resolve to organize himself politically and militarily.” In [another] example, Mono Jojoy, who was killed in a bombing raid last year, had harsh words for Ramón Rodríguez Chacín, a former Venezuelan naval officer who has served as a top liaison between Mr. Chávez and the FARC, calling him “the worst kind of bandit.”

Sorry for the chavistas who deny the validity of the FARC computer files, but stuff like that cannot be made up.