Breasts in Venezuela, Germany and the USA (updated)

I read in the news today there are about 40000 breast implants in Venezuela a year. I checked out in how many breast implants there were in Germany and the USA last year: about 25000 and 264241 respectively. There are 29 million people in Venezuela. There are a little bit less than 82 million people in Germany.

30.57 women for 100000 persons (thus, for about 50000 females of every age) have a breast implant every year in Germany. 84.3 women for 100000 people have that kind of operation in the US during the same time. In Venezuela, it's 137.9 women per 100 000 inhabitants.

It's weird and it's a pity. I think a few may need that because of some illness or the like. Most don't.