The 2011 post (kind of late, no?)

And you thought you would escape a reflection on the year past.  But then again for once all was clear so why elaborate much?

Is there anything to discuss on the importance of the "Arab Spring" as to what will happen to us while they try to digest the conservative religious wave making its way to power through elections?  This "revolution"  is here with us for decades.  We better get used to it soon.

Is there anything to discuss on the importance of Fukushima?  Conjugating the nuclear disaster of Japan and the economic crisis will be haunting us for decades too, as we deal with the transition from cheap oil energy to more expensive and dangerous or not energies.

Is there anything else worth noting from last year?  Thus I will give you below for me what was the main salient point for Venezuela in 2011.
It was the year we learned how miserable a country we really are, not only from the chavista side but also quite a lot from the opposition side too.  It was the year when we finally understood that we are getting what we deserve.

This happened:

  • Chavez got sick and the regime was able to hide everything and no one really protested as it should be
  • PDVSA was accused of dealing with Iran in spite of UN sanctions and opposition politicians (such as Henrique Capriles Radonski) went knee-jerk to defend PDVSA
  • Corruption kept showing examples and the opposition preferred to focus on placating chavismo sensibilities
  • Chavez supported repeatedly the murderers of Syria and Lybia and I am yet to see a chavista defecting on that matter (the opposition reaction to that was rather bland if you ask me).
  • And more along those lines......
At least this year starts better in that three of the opposition candidates have condemned the visit of Ahmadinejerk starting today in Caracas.  But no word from HCR or PP on that matter, at this typing.  And forget about any chavista condemning a regime which has executed hundreds last year, which stones women, etc, etc....

And this IS THE BIG NEWS of 2011 for Venezuela.  The country confirmed that it has no use for ethics

Why the f..k am I bothering blogging, worrying about ethics?