Are chavistas akin GOP far right?

OK, once you get past this provocation, watch the video below and think about how different are in real life fundamentalist, be they from left or right....  Courtesy of The Economist.

For those following this blog for a long time, remember my often stated case that chavismo was in fact a retrograde, reactionary movement, afraid of novelty and changing society. In fact, chavismo is nothing else but a reincarnation of the populist side of AD (look at electroal maps of today and 50 years ago), cleansed from its intellectual minority which for all practical matters haas disappeared completely from Venezuelan parties, timidly coming back with some of the movments associated with the MUD.

By the way, some of the stuff that Capriles is doing right and Chavez doing wrong in this particular campaign are spelled out in this video too. Ain't it a grand coincidence?! which tells you that morality is never a clear cut left-right division.