Chávez and the gringo agent: new revelations

Sorry, I should have put "2004", "2005" and "2006"
on the right and "2006" on the left but it would really
look something like this

The Caudillo has told Venezuelans that the Venezuelan military detained a US citizen of Hispanic origin. Apparently the man entered the country illegally. He is under suspicion of planning to undertake sabotage actions in the country. The man - Chávez dixit - was carrying a passport with immigration stamps from Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan, did you get it? Iraq, did you read it as well? You can see what the guy was up to, even if you are not a crossword analyst from the Bolivarian intelligence services. The US government doubts this was the case but it says that if there is a US citizen under detection, the Venezuelan authorities must allow the man to get in touch with the consulate services. 

Now the Caudillo gave new revelations. According to Chávez, the man's passport stamps from Afghanistan (from 2004 several times), Iraq (from 2006), Jordan (from 2007), Germany, Britain, Dominican Republic and Colombia. The US citizen apparently arrived illegally from the last country and was caught in a bus in La Pedrera. That's on the route from San Cristóbal to Barinas. Can it be about the attack on the Jewish day of Rabat? Adán Chávez lives in Barinas, don't you know?