Chavez keeps piling up mistakes: idiotically he calls Capriles Nazi

Chavez' s verbal incontinence and lack of cultural education is playing tricks on him now that he feels electorally cornered.  In his desperation to bring Capriles down the gutter (Chavez can only "argue" in the gutter) he claimed that Capriles was a skinhead with all the implications and connections. And he has proof of it.

In the past Chavez could get away with such unfounded outrages which many apologists charged on his folksy ways. But this time around it is yet another major campaign blunder.  In the heat of the campaign his followers are going to demand that Chavez publishes the evidence, an evidence which could doom Capriles. This is not a circus occurrence at Alo Presidente, this is a real campaign where Chavez supporters for the first time feel contrary winds.

Not only Chavez cannot deliver (if the evidence existed it would have been published years ago by Capriles rivals within the opposition) but Capriles dignified reply is going to double Chavez political cost.  He simply said that as a descendant of Holocaust victims he did not play with such words, that Chavez had no idea what nazism and fascism were, and may he please respect his family because Capriles himself is not attacking Chavez family.  Which has of course the added bonus to remind folks that the Chavez family would be a fair target if he wanted to do so, due to the ample evidence of sudden rags to riches, corruption and assorted power abuses.....

Is Hugo becoming the main strategist of Capriles campaign?