Random notes on Amuay

Corazon del infierno

The New York Times is having a field day.  Not only we have a second major article highlighting the deficient governmental response but also a striking photo gallery of Amuay's ruins.

The chavista National Assembly leadership does not think it is important to discuss the Amuay accident.  Indeed, any fault, ANY, can be blamed on Chavez historical decision to transform PDVSA in 2003 into his electoral cash cow.  Recognizing that mistake today is exactly as saying that the emperor is not only stark naked, but with a duster up his keester.  And it gets better; we should all show solidarity with Ramirez while he digs the ruble instead of calling for his immediate removal.  The chutzpah of Diosdado, really....
This morning Globovision was reporting live the good news that the fire seemed under control. Unfortunately as hunk Reimy Chavez was talking we saw suddenly black clouds billowing and flames. It ain't quite over.  Even though the hated empire sent special foam and stuff.

Of course, there are useful idiots like James Petras only too willing to come to the rescue of Chavez, no matter what the offense is.  Now this character, without any evidence, says that it was all a conspiracy from the empire.  Ah!  an excuse to suspend elections that Chavez looks more and more like losing!

Still, some sort of supporters of Chavez can be quite critical after Amuay's disaster....