Well, I watched 5 minutes of Rubio (thumbs down) and the second half of Romney, inserting in between whatever sitcom was on WTV.

As expected, there is no way I would vote Republican (the last time I thought voting GOP was an option was 1980). However from Romney's speech I think that the reelection of Obama is far from a sure thing. Romney's talking points are much more in tune with US citizens preoccupations after what seems an endless crisis, just as Capriles here seems so much more in tune than Chavez (you should have seen Capriles last Tuesday with union workers of Guayana!).

Regardless, whoever wins in the US is almost irrelevant for Venezuela. And I dare say to the world. Times have changed and the US is not the superpower it used to be. Obama's fault may be to understand it more than he should but Romney will be in for a rude awakening if he wins. However there was one promise of Romney that should be of major concern for Venezuela: to make the US energy independent by 2020. Even if reaches half that goal, we are screwed as we would have wasted the last huge oil bonanza of our history.  The first thing Capriles will need to prove is that Venezuela will be a reliable ally and provider. Can he?