Yanomami redux

What to think?

On one side the IACHR demands that investigation about the alleged Yanomami massacre keeps up. On the other side, brazenly, Chavez says that nothing happened, just as a military involved in the investigation acknowledges that maybe today a group may finally reach the alleged crime scene since from helicopter they could not make out conditions. The group also needs set up a place where an helicopter could land. In other words, they do not know but Chavez does.

But the outburst of Chavez comes from the same place as his outburst over Amuay. Just as the mess of PDVSA has ONLY one culprit, Hugo Chavez, the sorry condition of venezuelan native people is the fault of ONLY one person, Hugo Chavez. If all the promises made to natives in 1999 did not come through it is because it would have meant empowering them, protecting them from drug trafficking and garimpeiros. Instead the venezuelan corrupt military made a big buck controlling gas supply in the southern rivers, putting garimpeiros through extortion, and protecting drug and FARC movements at the Zulia border and Orinoco delta. Where natives live in the largest numbers.

Recognizing that there are "maintenance" problems at PDVSA and that natives can be mistreated without consequences is tantamount to recognize that his whole revolution was a lie. And certainly Hugo Chavez will die first before he recognizes that his two main planks have been an infamous sham, an excuse he had to promote what he really meant to promote: Fidel Castro and the FARC take over of Colombia.