How did Venezuelans vote in Europe? The visual part

Here you see how Venezuelans living in Europe (Turkey included) voted in the 2012 elections. Firstly I put the results according to vote share. As you see, most voters in Belarus, Cyprus and Russia voted for the military caudillo. In all the other countries, the opposition was clear majority.

 The second chart shows the results as total...but with an algorithmic view. Last but not least, you see how the actual count went. Most Venezuelans in Russia and Belarus are embassy employees or a few guys who got a scholarship to study whatever there. There are a couple of dozen Venezuelans in Belarus going to course at the Minsk Warfare Academy. I suspect some of them are actually following the courses for intelligence. I wrote about that here. The others are studying with Fundayacucho like Venezuelans were doing in the seventies and early eighties...only that now the main criteria for selection is ideological, i.e. being absolutely loyal to Chavismo or just jalabola.

Most Venezuelans in Europe live in Spain. A lot of Venezuelans are actually EU citizens as well.