Killing Anonymous?

Blogger keeps offering more services. Thus a new comment policy.

First, now you will be required to register in some on line identity service (such as Google +). Usually a simple procedure, but one you need to do for every computer you work with (Chrome has a way to coordinate all of your computer if you do not work from a public one). That way everyone will have to come up with a nickname or real name, no more anonymous (unless you register as Anonymous Anonimity or some other crank). Hopefully it will be easier to follow threads since apparently people have a hard time replying inside a given comment (more room for improvement at Blogger)

In exchange I will give up on the post verification and put moderation only on posts older than 2 days.

I risk to have less comments but that does not bother me much. However once you register it should be easier for you to comment and exchange views with other readers if you wish.

As for trolls I will be more severe than ever and erase any, and those who should have known better but replied nevertheless.  I admit that my patience has run out with PSF, the only ones that still bother to post in this type of blogs, so I will not punish any bona fide Venezuelan chavista.