Mugabe giving ideas to Chavez campaigns

I did write about how Chavez will manage his campaign for November. Now I could probably soon add something: temporal arrests on no charge (probably helped by the new "fink law"). Mugabe shows the way: he arrests for a few hours Morgan Tsvangirai and releases him. The effect is that he missed a major campaign meeting. Road blocks also help.

So there is the idea for Chavez: do road blocks for security and make opposition candidates late for their meetings, after everyone went back home. Also, when an election rally takes place next to any military installation detain them for a few hours to make sure they are not doing anything that will endanger the security of the state. The new security law allows for that.

[Updated] Silly me! The government was already spying on all opposition candidates!!!!! The government!!! Acknowledging that they are spying on ALL candidates, reds and oppos, BEFORE the "fink law" was even signed!!!! (Hat tip Liz)

-The end-