The FARC files: more and more are taking action

Chavismo has a problem: in spite of constant screamign that the Reyes/FARC laptops are fake, more and more people are taking them for valid information and are taking action by using them for their own little investigations.
  • In Ireland they are looking at IRA FARC links
  • The Spaniards are looking at ETA FARC links
  • The Human Rights Watch, not suspected to be tender with Uribe, demands that Venezuela FARC links be explained.
  • Ex Peruvian president Toledo dares the Colombian government to open everything and let the people know that Chavez has no link with the the FARC. Which means of course that Toledo presses Colombia to show ALL the evidence agaisnt Chavez. Toledo wants Chavez to be banned from civil assemblies, ending his declarations with the terrible: ""We can integrate ourselves, but I have a noise in the street in Latin America, which is called Hugo Chávez, damn!" and "He has oil, something that has turned into the most dangerous political weapon in the world. And I rebel against the Hugo Chávezes, because they are insulting the dignity of the poor by giving fish instead of giving them the right to learn fishing."
And I stopped looking... Meanwhile the only defense from chavismo is stuff such as this, the eternal conspiracy theories, the last refuge of losing causes (hat tip G.). Oh well, poor Chavez....

-The end-