The Russian list: the numbers

For all that is worth Tal Cual reminds us this morning in its front page the numbers of the Russian list, that list that is unconstitutional and designed to remove notable opposition candidates from running for office (see here, here, here and here for details if at this point you have no idea of the hottest debate within the opposition blogosphere in months).
  • The list carries 400+ names.
  • Of this 80%+ are opposition names who supposedly have perpetrated some corruption or mismanagement crime that has yet to reach any court of justice (the famous article 42 to ensure truly due prohibition from running for office).
  • Yet, this 20%- of chavista in the list are issued from the people who truly have access to the oil manna: they come from 21 out of 23 state houses, almost 3/4 of the town halls, and mostly from a public administration that has ballooned under Chavez to nearly twice of what it was in 1998 and which includes dozens of misiones, parallel administrations accountable only to Miraflores Palace.
Who are they trying to fool at Russian's office?

Heck, just with the shameless use of public funds for last Sunday pseudo primaries at the PSUV, the 400+ list should double and should include all the candidates that got the nod last Sunday.

If the Russian/Ruffian criteria were to be strictly applied there would be NO candidate come November.

-The end-