When ridicule and tyranny meet

Two little gems from Chavez, in case some of you still manage to have doubts about what creep we are facing. Two little things that taken together give you the real measure of the guy.

Agroisleña, stolen from its legitimate owners, has been renamed AgropatriaAgrofatherland!  You cannot make up things like that!!!!  Hitler or Stalin would have had it that easy!  We are also told that the likely president of Agropatria is the same person responsible for the brilliant success of a state organized agricultural supply chain.  We are sure of the extraordinary success she will have at the helm of Agropatria based on her previous experience.  Of course, the way chavismo defines success is not necessarily the way intelligent and rational people define it.  But i digress....

Elsewhere Chavez has repeated to whomever is willing to listen that there is no way anyone not linked to the revolution will ever reach power in Venezuela.   Probably meaning that the little scraps that the opposition holds will be promptly laminated.  His own words, his own admission that he is not a democrat and never was becasue when you say such things you never were a democrat:
“no les vamos a permitir gobernar otra vez. No pueden gobernar este país y no se lo vamos a permitir porque sería el desastre más grande”.  We are not going to let them rule again.  They cannot rule this country and we are not going to allow it because it would be the greatest disaster.

This from someone who has ruined the Venezuelan economy through uncounted devaluations, economic crisis, food import excessive dependence, etc, etc...the guy who has presided over the trebling of crime, the narcotization of the country, the worse corruption of our history, etc, etc....

You will convene with me that the two items go well together to establish once and for all that the president of Venezuela is a megalomaniac psychopath who has not reached his natural course of horror because, well, we are not in the 1930ies anymore, nor a Caribbean island.....  but the potential is there, give him time.