Real news? Worth reporting?

I am talking of silly CNN and BBC making special entries for Chavez annulling Venezuelan Nuclear plant.  Please! as Miguel pointed out and I mentioned myself in some post some day, Venezuela has neither the skill, the money, the real interest to even consider a nuclear reactor when it has all the trouble in the world to run its thermal plants and make sure its dam do not empty before time. 

Here, there is an entry from the WSJ as to the future and real threat of Nuclear Energy and the entry from the BBC as to Chavez annulling "his" nuclear program.  Which is the real serious news and information and which is the facile pamphleteer note?  Even the note of the Chigüire Bipolar is more researched than the one of the BBC!!!!  Or the CNN clip I saw yesterday fore that matter. 

I am getting sick of the massive hysteria promoted by the media while nobody talks anymore about the bodies washed by the tide....  Say yes to global warming!  No to nukes!  And wait for the next Tsunami to end all Tsunamis as Antarctica melts down!