The pro Chavez "students"

My S.O. was "requested" today to join the pro Chavez "student" march, even though he is decades from his latest degree....  You know, they need to bulk it up forcing public employees to attend.....   The chavista students are really an embarrassment, they suffer from terminal lack of creativity, have absolutely, have no individual character, sound older than Mathusalem, etc, etc...  But rather than go on with a rant on how much of an embarrassment they are, I will let two Weil cartoons of Tal Cual illustrate the matter better than any rant I can come up with.

Chavista students, happy to defend that they need to defend what they are told to defend, no matter how indefensible it is by any rational mind.  But then again, chavismo seems to have lost reason long ago..

The "clock tower" is UCV symbol, the oldest university in Venezuela, and autonomous.  Now chavismo loses elections by 1 to 5 margins.  Of course the chavista minority wants the regime to take over UCV t impose its credo.   Since it will never reach it through consent, it is squeezing beyond decency its budget (all research programs are now all but closed) and it is trying to build up restlessness through its agent to justify a police/military intervention and remove its autonomy, thus appointing its president to begin with, before silencing opinions.