In support of Juan Cristobal against AD and Ramos Allup caught red handed begging at US embassy

My fellow colleague Juan Cristobal over at CCS has been receiving quite a beating for his un-nuanced condemnation of AD as being caught through Wikileaks as begging for funds at the US embassy in Caracas.   This has generated quite a firestorm of comments.  Besides makign me glad that my policy of comment moderation naturally dampens the flood of comments, it also forces me to take his defense with a special post because I do not want my opinion being just one in a 100.  One is a prama donna or one is not, and, besides, this is too important to limit itself to a single blog.

So, I agree with JC, that AD should be banned from the MUD or accept a self purging of its representation at the very least.  I will add that having Ramos Allup seating at the MUD is a magnificent weapon that the MUD is offering to Chavez who will use it ruthlessly.  And he will be right in doing so.  Unless AD finds a way to convince us that the wikileaks are fake, its position becomes a burden (and there is more than one cable on the subject, and I know enough of Alcantara from Lara who is a total loser and more than capable to go and ask for favors just becasue he things he represents something in Lara).
So there you go JC, you are most welcome.