Venezuela, the Conquest of

What you see in red are the Venezuelan municipalities with the largest amount of voters. They account for 30% of all voters. Those in red and pink account for 50%. Those in red, pink and yellow account for 60%. Those in red, pink, yellow and blue account for 70% in total.

If the democratic forces want to win in 2012, they need to act as a National Front and the top ten leaders - not just a candidate or a precandidate, but the leaders as a general team for each of the main parties- should start visiting absolutely all those municipios - at the very least - before the end of 2011.

Will they do that? If they don't, we will have a hard time. If they do, Hugo is going to go bananas.

The only politician from the opposition who has been going to those places in a very systematic way is Leopoldo López. The others haven't done that because they think they need to choose their candidate firstly. That is NOT the way to go.