Introducing a new young-Venezuelan-English-Blogger

As far as I know there is only one major consistent Venezuelan blogger writing in English from Venezuela: that's Daniel. My blog is the other lone English blog written from Venezuela. The remaining English blogs concerning Venezuela are written either by expatriates, obviously from abroad; or by foreigners. Therefore I cheer any new addition to the blogosphere. The most recent I came across with - due to its author comment in my blog - is Naivety of the Young.

The blog is written by a 22 year old student living in Maracaibo (I still remain, therefore, as the only one woman and the only one blogging from Caracas). He uses a very rough English but it won't be difficult for you to understand him, since you are already used to our "particular", often grammatically incorrect English. I'm going to leave you a paragraph I felt related to, and it is a sample of the work his blog can deliver if he gets enough readers' feedback and if he posts some more (he hasn't posted anything new since December, 2010). So here it goes:

"Look around for a while.Look at the street,look at the tv,look at the internet.
Are you really going to deny that there is no division? that everyone is doing bad,that life is worse?
are you really going to believe the Utopic view of the government and the official stories?
Look around and say out loud that Venezuela is at its Zenith.
That Venezuela is the best country in the continent.
That the government's programs are working.
That "He" is always right.
That there is no need to question him because you KNOW he is honest.

Now go to church"

You won't deny that the last line is priceless. Read the whole entry here