Weird: who cares?

Here you have the abstention levels for the 2010 parliamentary elections in Venezuela per municipality. I based it on information here, which comes from the National Electoral Council and some other sources.

Most of the areas where more than half the population did not show up are very remote, like in the jungle in Guayana. Still, if you know a bit about Venezuela's geography, you will realise things are not that simple. Alto Orinoco is much more remote than Gran Sabana, for instance. And even if Guajira is remote, most of it is less remote than some areas of the Amazonas state where abstention was rather low but for Río Negro. Guajira is a place the alternative forces should mind a bit more: it is rather highly populated and yet it is very forgotten.

You can also see people in Sucre state are lazy bastards. And you can also see most people close to the Morrocoy National Park couldn't care to vote. Trujillo seems like a place on its own. Once I asked a Trujillo-born friend if he would consider Trujillo people a bit like hobbits. He said they are more like Orcs. Is it so? I don't know, but they definitely stand out in the Andean region.

Some of the municipalities with the highest participation levels are in Zulia, in Táchira and there is one special case in well-organised San Diego, in Carabobo. 
And then there is Antonio Díaz, in Delta Amacuro. It's very hard to move around there and yet that is the municipality with the lowest abstention level in Venezuela.