Jason Bourne in Venezuela

It never ceases to amaze me, my Land of Grace and its inhabitants.

Now our military caudillo is telling us intelligence officials have detained a US agent of Latino origin at the border with Colombia. The man had a passport with entrance stamps to Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Somehow Syria was missing in that bloody passport, damn!

This ain't nothing compared to Venezuela

Since 1999 Chávez officials have been denouncing attempts against Chávez's life on average every three months. Only from the moment Chávez announced he was fighting cancer until he said he had defeated it did we have a pause about the assassination attempts. Chávez's honchos started to announce new "magnicidios" last May, just when Chávez informed us about his miraculous recovery.

And now, as back in 2006-2008, when Eva Golinger "revealed" CIA faxes with plans against Chávez, here we have a new plot...

I wonder: how come an intelligence organisation that can have access to so many blank passports sends a Latino US citizen to Venezuela with a passport full of stamps of those countries we know have "issues"? How come another US agent was caught with "coordinadas"? Somehow the Venezuelan military love to play with the idea of coordinates... Chávez said the man came in to support the bourgeoisie. He added there is a group with plans to reject the victory of the People 7 October. You know who the People is.

Stay tuned.

I can't remember anything more.