The VN&V "exit" poll

First, it is not an exit poll, it is just a scheme to get some data before the CNE speaks. That way we can get busy while waiting and already publish our own results AFTER 6 PM so as not to break any major rule and not getting anyone into trouble.

This being said, the bad news is that so far I got 4 embassies and only three centers in Venezuela. What to do?
Clearly, embassies are not very useful in that we know most of them will vote for Capriles at a rate starting at 60% and going up to 90% (wait until you see the New Orleans result....).  Putting a couple of embassies in a 25 polling station group is OK, putting 4 in a dozen less so.

But then again it is possible that with a couple of thousand really regular readers, 3/4 out of Venezuela, I may not be able to reach the 25 centers mark, statistically speaking.

The good news is that I am in contact with a group of people that are trying to set up a system like the one I had in mind.  They are up to couple of dozen already and hope to reach 100.  I am the one that can bring embassies :).  But I cannot entrust the confidentiality of readers to just anyone.

Thus, since what I propose I can set at home between Friday and Saturday, a simple model and I have someone that knows of such stuff already volunteering to help. I can wait a couple of days more.  If I get enough candidates, then we will try.  If I am below 20 then I will transmit the data myself to the other team protecting the confidentiality of participants.  I will not even tell them the center name, just that it fits in their requirements.

So, keep looking for people working Sunday in a center, even an embassy (I can always do an embassy only thing for kicks).  Do not forget that you DO NOT NEED to be yourself working in a station, you just need to know someone reliable and willing to transmit the data to you and then you to me.  The data is: confirmation of opening of centers and number of registered voters; at noon the participation number so far; by 7 PM the result, and later a recount if the center has been selected for audit.  Plus incidents if necessary but let's hope for peace and quiet and boredom.

Note: I will reply soon to those who already wrote. Be patient, I am just waiting to have enough for a mailing list (in Bcc: do not worry)