Negotiations start

It was bound to happen.

Boccaranda latest as I go to bed (retweeted, I do not follow him nor he follows me...)

RUNRUN:Avión privado con siglas panameñas estacionado en Aeropuerto de LaHabana llevó a 2 representantes de la MUD.Regresan mañana via PTY

There are plenty of things that are dead wrong with it and Bocca is making a disservice publishing this even if 100% true.

First, it could be a warning from Cuba that the elections are going to be won by Chavez, period.  And if they do not accept it Cuba will intervene.  Of course, the MUD does not need to accept such bluff. So why would they go anyway?

Second, EVEN IF the Cubans had made their peace with a Capriles victory what are they going to ask the MUD? Offer an exile to Chavez while they keep sending some money towards Cuba? Can Capriles afford to keep sending free oil to Cuba? True, he could do it for, say, 3 months and then only send what Cuba pays for, be it in Medics or whatever other slave labor the Castro's can send.

Third, And even if the Castros are coming to grips, can they, should they negotiate already considering that Chavez is in office for three more months?

And more, much more useless speculation provoked by a journalist that seeks glory, and deserves some unfortunately.

This being said, once Santos received Capriles it was clear that everyone outside of Venezuela was considering a Capriles victory a real possibility.  They all have embassies, you know, and there is a lot of stuff you can learn from reliable sources at cocktail parties.  In a country as morally bankrupt as Venezuela has become, there must be boatloads of double and triple agents. They all like their embassy scotch.  From this to start negotiations it is a mere single step.

And let's face it, the only country that can help in a pacific transition is Cuba, whether we like it or not. Surely they are playing a poker hand, if anything until Chavez finds a way to steal the election.  If what Bocca writes is true we can only hope that the MUD sent its best and brightest and evilest to make sure the bill is not too high.