The virginity of the West

There are things that truly make one wonder about the future of the planet. There is for sure global warming, but there are things equally terrible in their social consequences such as the wave of Muslim women practicing hymenoplasty across Europe. This report from the New York Times should make any one of us concerned about separation of Religion and State, about individual will and about the elemental right to privacy shudder. I am not going to examine this article: it speaks for itself and should be mandatory reading. Instead I am wondering about the Western World being more concerned these days about putting gas in their cars for as cheap as they can, and thus allowing a new crop of lousy dictators grow more powerful by the day. Pedro perfectly describes our local basket case autocrat here.

But when you see that of all countries of Europe in France a Muslim man manages to have his marriage annulled because the bride was not a virgin, and the woman accept this, then there is something deeply wrong in the French legal system and in a society that is unable to make these people evolve outside of the medieval primitiveness in which their minds are still locked up. We are talking here of a country who not that long ago bravely put a bipartisan fight to stop girls from wearing head scarves at public schools, a country that we thought of well above such archaisms, even among its educated Muslim migrants.

I do own an autographed copy of Revolution From Within of Gloria Steinem. I got it when I attended one of her fascinating lectures in, I believe, 1993. It is amazing that 15 years later, in France, her feminist positions are perhaps more urgently required than ever. It is also rather inconceivable that today movements focused against the Iraq war of the global warming do not make more rooms to fight, say, female clitoris ablation in many third world countries, whose societies are trying to sneak such abhorrent practices in the West. Nobody believes that Bush daughter who got married recently arrived virgin to the altar...

A sense of perspective is needed by all of these leftist garden varieties who support ANYTHING against the US, thus indirectly tolerating sexual mutilation, gay hanging and localized genocide.

It is also inconceivable that Chavez espouses such countries when he leads a country where women have been liberated long ago, which was a pioneer in divorce (1904) and female real suffrage (1947). But chavismo is also a macho movement who has not been able to regulate abortion and keeps it in the back room of certain clinics. Any women empowerment is lip service since there is only one person with real power here, El Supremo. We have never seen him speak tough against irresponsible paternity and forcing fathers to take charge of their kids, we have yet to see him protect the deteriorating national parks, we will never hear him utter a work of condemnation about Darfur, we see him hugging presidents who hang gay folks, and more of such atrocities. But he is perceived as a hero by people who supposedly should be fighting against all of these issues. Oh yes! He gives free food and aspirin and subsidizes Cuba.

Going back to Gloria. In her speech she was very adamant about linking anti abortion groups, anti feminist groups together with anti gay groups to put them all clearly on a patriarchal level of male control, or rather top male control I should say. I also remember that in the audience there was not 10% male attendance and yet her speech resonated in us equally as in the women attending. Maybe in the US that ratio as improved as Obama is now the breakthrough standard bearer of the Democrats. But today in Venezuela, Gloria might not be allowed to talk at a PSUV meeting while creeps like Eva Golinger laud Chavez wherever people are willing to put up with her silly nonsense.

Sometimes I think the world is really screwed up and that energy search rules all. And thus the French do not want to upset the Muslim oil owners and the North-Americans do not lift a finger against Chavez as long as oil flows. They both enable these clowns to bring misery at home and to their neighbors. I am not sure how interested I am in such a world, even though societies like the Danes and Colombians refuse to let themselves be bullied. I certainly think that Bush has contributed greatly to this degeneration, and not only with his Iraq foolishness. But then again I also fail to detect in Obama the resolve to address what really matters, at least to me.

End of rant. Sorry, but sometimes one needs to take stuff off his chest.

-The end-