Chávez's role model in Europe again "winner"


Lukashenko, one of Chávez's role models in Europe (the other being Vladimir Putin) managed a resounding victory in Sunday's Parliamentary elections, as BBC reports. All seats have gone to the government.

Will Hugo Chávez use the same tactics as the man he claims to be a great democrat, the Belorussian leader?

Some tactics Chávez may try to use for next local elections in November:

1) install fear in over 2 million state workers that they will lose their job
2) distribute food and other goodies for free shortly before the elections take place
3) say that if the opposition obtains too many posts this would lead to civil war
4) use state resources to promote his candidates
5) block time after time the transportation of opposition people to marches

Well, he has already done all that many times.

There is also 6) try to manipulate the results by using the CNE, the electoral commission that is completely subject to Chávez's whims, manipulating an electronic voting where the software is not open source, where there is no guarantee about the behaviour of executable files, where finger print machines are used that install fear on the poor with little education.

What will the opposition do?

Ah, little reminder: most people in Venezuela (I am not talking about Caracas) have NO CABLE, NO SATELLITE TV and they cannot watch the only really regime-critical TV channel in Venezuela.