Sustainable development, a hint:

More lurkers than I thought have been writing me about my request for helping help Venezuela. I cannot reveal yet all to those I know nothing about.

Here so far: we have a very concrete proposal for improving a bit the situation of education in Venezuela, something we want to bring about to all sectors of society. If you are interested in hearing about the idea off the blog and via email, let us know a little bit about you. We do not need your ID. We just need to trust you a bit: what are you and what you think of Venezuela's problems now in a couple of sentences.

The reason is simple: even though everyone in public agrees the idea is good, we are afraid some will try to torpedo it because it does not suit them politically, whether they are, like us, opposed to Chavez, or they are still supporting him. We have good reason to be afraid of that.

This is a very basic, simple but concrete proposal that needs people of good faith. Tell us if you are interested in hearing about it and we (a couple of expats and me) will send you an email.