This canNOt be allowed

I'm putting as a picture, a poster made by the White Hand (Student) movement for the campaign against the Amendment that it could allow Chavez or any other to be re-elected as president indefinitely. It says "They offer us living in peace but they can't control the violence of their groups?". I'm not publishing this poster today because of the NO campaign. I'm doing it because last night, a group of men armed entered a synagogue causing several damages and leaving hate messages on the walls of the temple. I often feel confused about the ways the Revolution defines itself, specially when it comes to define the enemies.

The Revolution has new "enemies" from one day to another and they could be certainly anybody from any group: the high class, the old oligarchy, the ones who are not high class but live in places where the opposition has more votes than the Revolution such as Petare, the students (I beg your pardon: the "opposition" students), doctors who complain on the conditions of the public hospitals, Catholics... its virtually anyone the Revolution can usefully point as an enemy, to justify a speech, to keep their lines armed and ready. Of course, the motivations behind that hate are totally lacked of any justification, because the justifications don't matter at all here, to think is it not consider a valuable act. As an odd World War II flashback, the hate for the jJws has arisen between radical Revolutionary groups. Venezuela was never an anti-Semite country, to speak of the ways the Jew community has lived peacefully here is to be way too obvious and redundant. I never imagine this place as a place were crimes of hate could be committed. But as you can see, the Revolution is always in need of new enemies, no matter how outrageous they might seem to us: the ones who still over rate the value of thinking.