Communists are not what they used to be

The other day a Globovision journalist obtained the pay check of a communist representative to the Venezuelan National Assembly. Apparently the guy did not know how much he was making and looked quite confused when Beatriz Adrian showed him his receipt (in general Communist Party elected officials turn over their pay check to the party who in exchange give them a salary according to their proletarian status; well, at least that is the theory).

This happened a couple of days after Chavez announced his alleged austerity plan, where the N.A. president Cilia Flores pretended that representatives really did make that much money when Chavez asked for pay check reduction. The publication of a rather substantial income far from the asseveration of Cilia gave us her very irate reaction. She actually threatened the Globovison journalist when in a real democracy the pay check of public officials is usually public knowledge.

Well, today we can read that the Communist Party Member whose paycheck was revealed, Oscar Figueras, is defending the secrecy of income because, well, you know, criminals get this information and they try to hold you for ransom. Unbelievable! What next? The communist party defending bonus to failed business managers at tax payer expense? Oh, wait! in bolivarian Venezuela that is an everyday occurrence for the managers of failed state enterprises!!!!

Meanwhile they have tracked down who gave the paycheck of Figueras and they are goign to punish him. The glorious bolivarian farce does not tolerate whistle blowers.

-The end-