United Nations and OAS complain

I usually don't refer to CNN as a reference, but this time it does have an article with a good review of things.

United Nations and OAS have produced a joined statement complaining about the Venezuelan government's threats to close down Globovisión, TV news station critical of the Chavez regime.

Venezuela's U.N. ambassador, Jorge Valero declared "we reject and condemn use of the name of such institutions as the U.N. and the O.A.S to attack member states while defending private monopolies that are accustomed to abuse of power and violating human rights". This statement by Valero is despicable. The "monopoly" means Globovisión is the only critical of Chávez nowadays on Venezuelan TV. Most people abroad ignore Globovisión can only be seen via open airwaves only in Caracas (and not all) and via cable in main cities. 70% of Venezuela's population has no way to watch Globovisión. The couple of newspapers where there is open criticism to Chávez also give the floor to Chavistas and anyway, they are read by few people in a country where people don't read even if they can. I wonder what human rights Valero wanted to defend.