Chavez meddles in Honduras

I am on a break with little Internet and little desire to watch TV and investigate, but today Chavez actions hit a new low that I must report. Apparently the president of Honduras has tried to sneak in a ballot measure to ensure his reelection (they all love that, don’t they!). Well, it seems the military did not agree and the courts and Congress gave them reason. Right now the situation is very confused there as Zelaya seems to have been abandoned by most folks and could see himself impeached for what was an unconstitutional action.

Chavez is not going to let go a client state that easily (Honduras is now an ALBA associate, the union of failed or semi failed states living on the Venezuelan largesse). Already today in Venezuela he opened his big mouth, gave extensive declarations AND instructions about Honduras and to the Honduras people. And wait! It gets better! The Honduras ambassador in Venezuela behaved in a special Alo Presidente as your average political hack, doing things unbecoming of an ambassador.
I do not know exactly what is going on but I am certain of one thing, ANY president of ANY country would dare to say about Venezuela a tenth of what Chavez said today about Honduras and we would have seen Chavez go bonkers. I mean, even the term “double standards” is not enough to describe Chavez now…

Note: no links, “as seen on TV” at cocktail hour.

-The end-