Diego Arria on Chavez and Honduras

Least we forget, Diego Arria, former Venezuelan ambassador to the UN who stayed there as a UN high ranking officer, reminds us the intense meddling of Chavez in foreign countries, bringing all sorts of problems and creating divisions where they might not have existed before. Watch the CNN interview. By the way, Diego Arria is on record stating that the Venezuelan army is the main responsible party of having let Venezuela democracy deteriorate so much. Today he can be considered as one of the main opponents of Chavez, and certainly the more articulated one, looking at evil right into the eye as having been a victim himself of chavismo: that is, he risks his life any time he comes to Venezuela.

I certainly agree with him that Venezuela is in fact today a cryptic military regime which makes it extremely hypocritical for Chavez to criticize the Honduras coup. Chavez has been a coupster and a bloody one at that; he has violated the constitution repeated times; he has stopped recognizing electoral results; he is not allowing referendum called by the people; he directs a regime where all the top positions are occupied by ex-military who remain untouchable by justice no matter how many charge of corruption are levied agaisnt them; and more, much more.

-The end-