Sweden-Venezuela-FARC II

Ccontinuation of Sweden-Venezuela-FARC I:

I was browsing a little bit and found out the US Americans were already protesting to the Swedes about 3 years ago for Sweden's export to Venezuela and since THEN Sweden had stopped the weapons export. Here you can read (in Swedish, sorry) an article from 2006 on the Swedish exports. Here a new one in English. Saab Bofors Dynamics said the weapons they could identify were exported to Venezuela in the eighties.

In 2006 US Americans were demanding Sweden to stop sending weapons with US components to Chávez's government.

Among the goodies Sweden was exporting to Venezuela were the following:

Robot 70

antitank rockets AT 40 (we saw them already in the past post)

and ammunition for Carl Gustaf grenade throwers as these:

They all contain US components.

Some questions:

  • How many of them are in the hands of the FARC?
  • For what else would Chavez want to use them?
  • Is it possible those weapons had gone to the FARC many years ago, even before Chavez came to power? Could the Chavez people have been given them to the FARC in 1992? Or could they have been provided by just any other corrupt military before Chavismo came to power? We know Venezuelan thieves are armed like an army and that has been so for decades now, even if things have worsened lately.
  • If that is so: could this be, after all, just a way Colombians have to bring more weight to the US bases in their territory? (not that I believe now Chavistas are saints, but all possibilities need to be contemplated)
The director of Saab Bofors said it was "annoying when weapons ended up in the wrong hands" but that that "was very rare". Well, I beg disagree, you just need to read, among other things, this from British journalist Robert Fisk or this from German journalist Peter Scholl-Latour (in German only so far). Fisk is considered an "Islamo fascist" by the US far right (sigh) and Peter Scholl-Latour an ultra-conservative by the extreme left in Germany (sigh again).

Stay tuned.