A new worthy march for the 23 de enero, with reader participation

Tomorrow once again we celebrate and commemorate the end of our latest old style directorship, the one of Perez Jimenez. Unfortunately, once again we need to hit the streets in protest as we are now under a new style of dictatorship perhaps but a dictatorship nevertheless. Or what else can we call a regime where the president decides to expropriate a supermarket chain and under its order a legislative parliament votes the necessary law within 4 working days?

Caracas tomorrow will hold two marches.

In one public employees will be ferried, forced to wear red and attend least they are fired come Monday because their name is missing from some check point roll during the forced march.

In the other march people will join freely and they will be allowed to speak about anything they want, from commemorating of 1958 to protesting the electricity shortages and the corruption behind them.

I cannot underline how important it is that whomever can assist, ASSITS!  Neither Miguel or myself will be able to attend.  I am still too weak to drive the five hours it takes to go to Caracas, never mind the 3 hours standing up such activity would demand from me.  And Miguel cannot go for personal family reasons that will tie him up until Sunday.  Thus we can only propose that readers of our blogs send us pictures and tweets and we will try to post them as we can, telling the story as it develops.  Please, if you send a picture, make sure it is telling, of general interest and with indication of time and place.

And if you live overseas but have relatives that are going, tell them to send you pictures and comments to resend this way.