Torture in Venezuela

How many forms of torture can you count on this picture that is hitting the stands this morning in El Universal?

I count at least three: the fingers in the eyes, the breaking wrist and the humiliation of having to hold tight to your own clothes.  And who knows how many others we can count, starting with the image of this armored cops and whatever they did to this kid.  Amnesty International is taking notice.  The numbers of government expressing their concern keeps growing.

More images right now and for a few days in the photo gallery of the English section of El Universal.  Look on the lower right side, no links, it is java.

There you have it, the lovely bolivarian revolution has reached midnight and the ugly terror and repression filled fascist pumpkin is coming back to life.

Note on further censorship: the bolivarian revolution has absolutely no sense of humor.  Even imagining as a joke what would a post Chavez era be, gets you a stinging communique from Propaganda Ministry.  the Tal Cual humor editorial of Laureano Marquez this Friday, translated at Miguel's blog, will be used to prosecute him and Tal Cual because according to the women in charge of Chavez "communication", Blanca Eekhout, Elena Salcedo, and Vanessa Davies, it is an open appeal at insurrection.

Vanessa, que tan bajo has caido......... Las otras no tienen vida, pero tu, tu no deberias meterte en esto. Das pena ajena!