Francisco de Miranda, the discoverer of Europe

Statue of Miranda in London

Statue of Miranda in Paris

Francisco de Miranda was born on the 28 of March of 1750. He travelled from Venezuela to the United States, from Cuba to Morocco, from Spain to Russia and left a series of wonderful diaries about what he saw and the people he met. He also wrote a lot about concrete measures for Venezuela's development.

He fought as an officer in North America, in Europe, where he became a general in the French Revolution and finally in Venezuela, where he led the independence movement for some time, until he was betrayed by Simón Bolívar, who would later become Venezuela's Semi God. Miranda would die in a Spanish prison in 1816.

I have written a little bit about Miranda here. If you want to rediscover Europe of the late XVIII century, you should get hold of Miranda's diaries.

Francisco de Miranda was one of the generals whose names are printed on the Arch de Triumph in Paris.