Chavez idiocy of the evening

Of the evening because he already said a few ones earlier today.  Closing the PSUV congress he admitted that the Venezuelan GDP could drop this year.  things must be very bad for him to admit already that it could drop.  His words:
"¿Que el PIB cayó en el 2009?, es verdad, ¿y que volverá a caer en el 2010?, pudiera ser verdad, pero, ¿es para angustiarnos? En lo más minimo"
That the GDP dropped in 2009? It is true. And that it will fall again in 2010? it could be true, but, should we worry? Not at all!
I suppose he does not need to worry, he will always have food on his table and the army will keep his job. As for us, well, you know, life is tough, nobody said it was fair, deal with it, go away, shoo, shoo...
Let us eat cake.